The best meditation apps

Now you can use technology to help you relax.

It’s well known that meditation can help improve wellbeing, but it’s never easy getting into a routine to meditate, or knowing where to start. These handy apps might be the solution to help you relax more often.

10% Happier – iOS only

Learn the basics of meditation (along with some history and the science behind it) with ABC News correspondent Dan Harris. 10% Happier features interviews between Harris and various notable meditation practitioners. It explores and explains meditation. The paid subscription gives you access to meditation coaches to whom you can send questions and messages for advice.

Insight Timer – iOS and Android

Insight Timer is a collection of free guided exercises. It is ranked as the top free meditation app, and it hosts thousands of free meditations, offers teachings from meditation teachers, along with information about different practices.

Welzen – iOS only

Welzen is great for beginners who are just learning breathing exercises, as it teaches you about the science behind meditation and how it alleviates certain mental stressors.

It offers everything from five-minute sessions to lunch break-sized calm-downs. Each cuddly-looking creature corresponds with a different targeted area for meditation, from stress relief to enhanced relationships and improved creativity.

Calm – iOS and Android

Calm uses different sound themes (like the patter of rain, the gentle animal sounds of a rainforest, and the crackle of a fireplace) to block out stressful background noise. The app transports you to a happier, calmer place while you meditate. It also works on improving the quality of your sleep and teaches you how to focus on your breathing. There are a couple different free meditations and breathing exercises, but you get more with a paid subscription.

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