The best apps to install on your new phone

When you take ownership of a new smartphone you’ll need to know what apps to install.

There are millions of apps to choose from, so how do you know which ones to install? Here are five utility apps you’ll find worthwhile.


This was the first app to properly handle syncing and cloud backup. It’s still the best option for sharing files and moving them around between platforms, and for backing up your photos.

Google Photos

Google Photos works perfectly across Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS, and won’t cost you anything if you don’t mind a bit of resizing. Google’s smart image recognition and a few cool editing tools, make this a first choice for managing photos and videos.


Capture, organise, and share notes from anywhere. The cross-platform syncing, flexibility, and the host of features on offer, like handwriting recognition, presentation mode for the big screen, and easy note clipping from just about anywhere, make this the go-to app for note taking.


If you’re going to be doing a lot of typing on your mobile device, then you’ll need SwiftKey. It takes text and emoji input up a notch with features such as AI-powered autocorrect, the option of swipe-to-type, and a pile of customisations that help you make your keyboard your own. There’s also integrated support for typing in more than 150 different languages.


CamScanner is one of the better scanners for turning your paper documents into digital versions with a snap of your smartphone’s camera. It recognises handwriting and has smart crop and auto-enhance features that work with a minimum of fuss.