Road trip in this wonderful rolling hotel

The Rolling Hotel, where travellers are passengers by day and hotel guests by night.

The Rotel is a hotel on wheels, catering to travellers who want to visit far-flung places but aren’t quite up for roughing it. In this red rolling hotel, guests are seated passengers during the day, but at night they move to the back of the bus to their capsule room to sleep.

The buses are typically custom modified Mercedes 0404s with 24 seats in the front and 26 rooms in the rear (the driver and tour guide each get a room). Claustrophobics beware, the ‘rooms’ are only 2m wide x 2m long x 1m tall, and come in single or double configurations.

In some rooms, a dividing wall can be removed to convert a single room to a double, making the number of single versus double rooms in the Rotels flexible.

Each room includes a window that can be opened, a curtain, a mosquito net, interior lighting and a cargo net. Bedding and linens are provided by the tour company. Luggage is stored under the bus and travellers are recommended to carry a separate three-day travel bag with them because luggage can only be accessed every three days.

The Rolling Hotel, where travelers are passengers by day and hotel guests by night.

Apart from a single toilet, the Rotel doesn’t provide guests with any bathroom facilities. Instead, the buses stop at campgrounds with bathing facilities whenever possible. The Rotel does have a drop-down camp kitchen, providing breakfast and dinners to guests.

Chairs and tables are set up outside during meal time and if the weather turns bad, meals can be eaten inside the bus where all seats come with a table.

Travellers can choose to visit various locations around the world: Europe, Africa, Asia, Middle East, Australia and New Zealand, North America, Central America, and South America. Contact your friendly RACQ travel consultant on 1300 096 166 for more information and bookings.

Image credit: Rotel.