Road trip tips to try

Next time you take a road trip, take a less planned approach and enjoy discovering new places and experiences.

While it’s important to plan a road trip, there’s much joy to be had by driving the roads less travelled. Next time you head off to try a few of these tips to enjoy a trip with a difference.

Don’t do any research in advance

Sometimes being clueless about a town or tourist spot has its merit. When you don’t know what to expect you cannot be disappointed. Take time to explore the destination. Walk into museums, boutiques, galleries and other local stores, rather than browse the window or walk past. If there’s a local tourism information office ask the staff for things to do that are off the beaten track, or that only locals enjoy.

Follow the signs

One way to really experience an unplanned trip is to follow the signs pointing to destinations away from the main road. You’ll often find the locals in the village or attraction are excited to have visitors and they’ll make your detour really worthwhile.

Lunch with locals

Ask the local store owners or service station attendants where the locals eat. You might find one of the local pubs has fabulous food or a back-lane cafe with surprising dishes.

Turn off your phone

Remain interruption-free as you drive. There’s no reason to let the outside world interfere with your road trip. Enjoy the freedom of not being “on” 24/7. But if you must, you can always check your messages at the end of the day.

Make up new games

Each passenger takes turns making up a new game and can offer a prize to the winner. If you’re struggling with ideas, here are some classics to get your creative juices flowing.