A new game for road trips

Keeping kids entertained on a long trip can be hard.

A good ‘eye spy’ or counting game can help break up the monotony, keeping kids and adults happy.

Even better is a game that is fun and teaches children essential road safety skills. Bike Spotto is one such game that encourages children to be on the lookout for bicycles and motorcycle riders.

Here are the rules:

  • One person is the scorekeeper. They will need a pen and paper.
  • You can play first to 10, 20, 50 or until the trip ends, with a winner declared at the end.
  • Whenever a player spots a motorbike or a bicycle on the trip, they say ‘spotto’. They then have to say what they saw and where.
  • A point is awarded only after they describe the road user and the location they spotted them.
  • The scorekeeper declares the winner once the agreed score is reached, or at the end of the trip.

Teaching kids to be aware of our most vulnerable road users will not only help them become safer drivers when they get older, but also keep cyclists and motorcycle riders top of mind for you too.

RACQ provides a comprehensive road safety education program for Queensland primary school students. For details click here.