MG ZS family road trip

“Dad! Dad! Can we go in the blue car with the big roof again?!”

Honestly, you try to teach your kids about the important things in life, like car brands and their rich heritage, the subtleties of their design and the cool modernity of their software systems, and what thanks do you get?

Still, at least they know a good car when they see one. They’re too young to understand, of course, or remember, the extreme emotional appeal of the MG badge that sits proudly on the front of our steed for the day, the new ZS – a capacious city SUV. When people who are old enough to drive children around were young, of course, MG was all about British open-topped sports cars, the very best of their kind, like the Midget and the MG B.

Today, the brand has grown – fortunately for us – to the size where it can take a small family on a journey out of Brisbane for a weekend of sun, surf and fun on the Sunshine Coast. Truly capacious and spacious, the boot of the ZS easily swallows the enormous amount of equipment that going anywhere with children seems to involve, with room to spare.

What the kids are excited about, of course, is the gigantic and fantastic sunroof, which they seem to have an almost endless fascination with, as its shade covers slides open (and closed again, and open again, and closed again etc) to reveal a perfect blue sky, that’s almost as luscious as the paint on our car.

What appeals to the young boy in our family perhaps even more, though, is the central screen, which resembles one of his favourite things on Earth – an iPad – and offers the chance to mirror one of his other favourite devices, my iPhone, through the colourful and clever software that is Apple CarPlay.

After a highly enjoyable, giggle-filled hour of driving, the kids had to be prised from the MG to get them into the surf, but they were just as excited all over again to be getting in the big blue car for the trip home.

I think I’ve even taught them to call it “the blue MG with the big roof”, at last.