How to make your next road trip extra romantic

Combine your love of road trips and your significant other this Valentine’s Day for an extra romantic adventure.

While other couples are scrambling around trying to purchase last minute presents and make table reservations, you can be planning the perfect romantic road trip to take with your significant other. Here are five ways you can spice up your next romantic adventure.


The end destination holds a large importance on a road trip. Pick a spot which holds significance and meaning in your relationship. For example, the place you met or took your first holiday together.

If you don’t have a destination like this, it’s time to create one. Find a location that you both love (or really want to visit) or pick a place that includes an activity that you both love.

Your destination may also be dependent on how long you want to spend driving. Typically, aim for a maximum of four hours driving each day, this will allow for plenty of time to relax and a variety of destinations as well as giving you a chance to make pit stops.

Plan the route

Once you have picked your final destination it is now time to plan a route. Travelling along a scenic route, like in the Mary Valley, you will be able to see the beauty in the journey, not just the destination. If you want to plan a great route do lots of research on road options and possible pit stops along the way.

Some research points and pit stop ideas could be breathtaking sunset points, scenic lookouts, vineyards and wine tastings, beaches, lakes, and picnic perfect parks.

Create a playlist

Tailor-make a playlist filled with you and your partner’s favourite songs, as well as songs which have meaning in your relationship. Be sure to make it road trip friendly by adding a few classics which you can belt out at the top of your lungs.

Stuck for inspiration? Read our guide on how to make a themed playlist for your next road trip.

Food to suit the mood

Every road trip needs food, so bring a romantic selection of food that you and your partner both love. Keep things simple so you aren’t spending your limited time just preparing food and cleaning up.

A simple arrangement of cheese and crackers along with a nice glass of wine is easy and romantic. If you haven’t put together a cheese platter before, follow this guide to making an easy gourmet platter.

Little extras

Don’t forget to pack these little romantic extras for your road trip. Bring a picnic rug, battery powered fairy lights, chairs, and anything else to help create a romantic set up. On the topic of packing, don’t forget to pack the basics; nothing kills the mood more than forgetting the pillows or toilet paper.