You should keep a road trip journal

A journal may seem a bit old-fashioned, but it will preserve your memories forever in more ways than one.

With the world going digital, the idea of keeping a written journal seems a tad quaint. However, if you are on a long road trip and travelling for weeks or months, keeping a daily (or regular) diary of your experiences is a great way for you to relive your trip over again.

You can write your journal in a diary with a pen. Though these days, as grey nomads become more digitally-savvy, many are turning to blogs or social media to record both their written words and their images.

A diary in any format probably takes little more than 10 minutes a day to keep up to date, but can be worth its weight in gold. A lot of people make the mistake of refusing to believe they will ever forget any aspect of their trip. Yet, when you’re experiencing so many different things each day over a long period, your memory soon forgets and needs prompting to recall events.

There is also an upside to keeping a journal, thanks to digital technology. Now you can create your own coffee table book using digital print technology. Just search online for photo books to find a supplier. You choose a template and then upload your text and images. Your book will then be printed and delivered to you, so you can preserve your memories in a perfect-bound, hard-cover book and refer to them as often as you like.

A photo book is also far more interesting for your friends and family to peruse than the torture of a slide night. Some print suppliers also provide services for you to create your own calendars, postcards and prints, so you can share your favourite images with others too.