Keep calm during traffic delays

There’s nothing more frustrating than sitting in traffic.

Traffic delays can be very frustrating. Nobody likes being stuck in traffic, but if you approach the situation with the right frame of mind it will minimise your angst. Here are some tips to help you keep your cool.

Keep your favourite music on hand, or at least make sure your radio works. Then you can listen to your preferred station, be it music or talk-back, or maybe catch-up on an old playlist or podcast you haven’t heard for a while.

Don’t take it personally. The driver who just cut you off may be seem like the bane of your existence at the time, but like you, they are probably just trying to get out of the traffic as soon as possible. You don’t know their story, they may have somewhere important to be, or have young kids arriving home who are unable to get inside. Getting worked up or angry with other drivers will do nothing to speed up the congestion.

Keep your hands off the car horn. For a start, it’s illegal to use your horn except in an emergency. Making excess noise will just contribute to the frustrating environment around you. Car horns are not meant to be a channel for you to air your frustrations.

Allow time for traffic in your schedule. If you live in the city or are travelling into the city, you have no choice but to budget additional time for your trip. During peak hour allocate yourself extra travel time to compensate for traffic. Leaving it late to drive will also cause extra stress on you, even before you hit traffic.

Look at alternate routes. If you suspect your journey is likely to include congestion, then take a look at alternate ways of getting to your destination. Take the scenic route. It may be longer but at least you will be moving and taking in some sights, rather than standing still in traffic.