Handy knots you need to know

Knowing the simple art of tying a knot can make life much easier when you’re on the road.

If you weren’t a Boy Scout or Girl Guide and did sailing or abseiling for sport, then tying knots, apart from your shoes, probably doesn’t come naturally to you. There are a number of simple knots you can learn, that are always useful for tying anything from cargo on a car roof, to camping tents and more.


The bowline is one of those knots applicable for many situations when you need a loop in a rope so it won’t seize up, particularly to secure a line to a fixed point. It’s a great all-around knot and one you should definitely know both on its own and even one-handed. Here’s an instructional video.

Taut-line hitch

This knot is extremely versatile and great for applications where you can have varying tension, such as securing a load. It’s most common application is providing adjustable tension for guy lines on a tent or tarp. And it’s particularly useful if your ropes don’t have modern sliders to adjust tension. Here’s an instructional video.

Double fisherman’s

This is an excellent knot for joining two ropes together of similar diameter. Here’s an instructional video.

Figure eight

The figure eight knot is popular with rock climbers and is an excellent knot to take your weight to safely get you down from heights, whether on purpose or in an emergency situation. Here’s an instructional video.