Future car tyres will communicate with your car

Car tyres in the future will be equipped with sensors and communication technology.

Tyre manufacturers are continuously advancing the design and strength of rubber products. Every new design is aimed at making driving safer and more comfortable for mortorists. In the era of information technology, tyre manufacturers are infusing tech into new products.

Pirelli, for example, is pioneering the production of wheels with the injection of advanced communication technology that aims to reveal real-time insights to the car itself and to nearby vehicles.  This smart solution equips the wheels with sensors to record, gather, and transfer data through a driving experience. The ability to communicate with the driver will include transferring details like tyre ID, temperature, pressure, and vertical load. The information will prove useful to the driver in managing the control stability mechanism.

These cyber tyres as Pirelli calls them will revolutionise the understanding between a car and its tyres. The ideal cyber tyre involves the addition of a sensor with each tyre that captures environmental temperature, location, wear, vertical load, and pressure on and inside the tyre.

Pirelli also has a system called Connesso that goes a step further by passing along the information to the driver through a smartphone application. The current application requires the presence of a driver, but the future endeavours include the elimination of a person and sending the recorded data directly to the car. It will be powered by artificial intelligence and save the information to a cloud server.

Apart from the driver aid, Pirelli is also looking to implement the system on driverless cars too. These cyber tyres are still in the concept stage, but it won’t be too long before the technology is incorporate into new tyres and vehicles.