Family road trip hacks

Make your next family road trip with young kids a barrel of laughs, not a stress-filled disaster.

Few things are as stressful as a family road trip with young children, yet they can also be the most memorable times. These tips can reduce stress and make it easier to resist the urge to lose it completely when it comes to your kids.

If your kids don’t have their own tablet computers, place one in a zip-lock bag and secure it between the front seats to create a mini-theatre screen for the kids sitting in the back seat. You’ll need to be prepared to listen to the audio yourself, unless you can plug-in earphones that reach each child.

Give your kids a travel binder to record their memories of the trip. A travel binder is entertaining and tidy, as you can store pens and pencils in a sleeve within the binder. The kids can colour, draw and write without losing any supplies. Try to avoid crayons as the wax can melt and ruin your interior.

Create your own Lego travel box and make any road trip your own personal Lego Land. Buy a small metal carry case and a flat Lego surface. Attach the surface to the inside of the lid using a strong glue. You can keep the Lego pieces in the case. Alternately glue a Lego surface to a travel tray and keep the tray in the carry case.

Make your own snow domes using glitter and used clear plastic drink bottles. Fill a bottle with water and glitter. Even add small figurines too. When your child needs to wind down, get them to shake the bottle up and watch the glitter fall to the bottom. This will help them to relax before a nap or calm down during a tantrum.