Drive along Western Australia’s wonderful Coral Coast

It’s regarded as one of the most scenic trips on the WA coastline and is packed with lots of unusual and exciting things to do.

We’ve written before about some of the wonderful experiences, such as the Pinnacles Desert and Ningaloo Reef, on offer along the Coral Coast. Here are some of the lesser-known attractions and things to do along the way.

  • The Yamaji Drive Trail map of Geraldton in Western Australia includes 14 indigenous sites that can be visited, all with interpretative signage.
  • The Blue Ocean Gallery is owned and run by artists and is located in Green Head, opposite picturesque Dynamite Bay.
  • Gwoonwardu Mia brings people from the five Aboriginal language groups of the Gascoyne region together, to showcase their heritage, history, art and culture.
  • Eagle Gorge in the Kalbarri National Park offers spectacular views of the Murchison River and the interior of the park from its peak.
Kalbarri national park, Western Australia
  • St Francis Xavier Cathedral is a spectacular church in the centre of Geraldton that you will find is as magnificent on the inside as the outside. Designed by the Monsignor John Hawes, it took 22 years to build.
  • Pot Alley is a picturesque ocean gorge in Kalbarri National Park, boasting spectacular ocean scenery. You can enjoy a swim at the sheltered beach and be sure to take your camera to capture the countless photo opportunities, apart from selfies.
  • For a moving tribute to the sailors who lost their lives during World War II, visit the HMAS Sydney II Memorial in Geraldton.
  • The Greenough River Nature Trail is a picturesque walk through the bushland surrounding the river. It provides an opportunity to capture stunning views of the river, while protecting the vulnerable environment.
Green sea turtle swimming on Ningaloo Reef
  • Ningaloo Reef and adjacent islands are one of the world’s major breeding areas for sea turtles. During the breeding season between December and March, Green and Loggerhead turtles make their way up the beaches to lay their eggs. Night tours provide the opportunity to watch this annual ritual.
  • The Vlaming Head Lighthouse offers spectacular views of Ningaloo Reef and is a great vantage point to watch the famous Western Australian sunset.

The weather is generally warm all year round, but you need to plan your trip if you are wanting to experience some of the natural wonders such as turtle nesting, coral spawning or wildflower blooms.