Take a classic American road trip

Five amazing American road trips to tick off your bucket list.

An American road trip is a bucket list classic. There’s no better way to explore the vast beauty of the USA than hitting the great open road. There are hundreds of American road trip routes to choose from, but here are some of our favourites.

Pacific Coast (Highway One)

Start this trip in Southern California, in either San Diego or Los Angeles, and get as far north as time allows. If time is not an issue, try to get all the way up to Seattle, Washington. The drive along the Pacific Coast is filled with treasures including the Golden Gate Bridge, Monterey Bay, and Big Sur.

Blues Highway 61

A road trip along Route 61 is a music lover’s dream. It’s the most famous road in American music lore. From Memphis to New Orleans, the route is peppered with the best musical destinations in the US, including the Stax Museum of American Soul Music, the Grand Ole Opry House, and Graceland, not to mention the whole of the vibrant New Orleans music scene.

Route 66

The road from Chicago to Santa Monica, known as Route 66, could not be more iconic. The route will take about two weeks to drive. Experience almost all the American landscape has to offer, from cornfields in the Midwest to the arid openness of the south-west.

Montana to Wyoming

If you love hiking and getting about in nature, this could be the route for you. With an abundance of natural beauty to behold along the way, the road from Montana to Wyoming includes Yellowstone, Glacier and Grand Teton national parks.

Los Angeles to the Grand Canyon

This road trip is almost a rite of passage for most Americans over the age of 21, and for good reason. Starting in the City of Angels, the drive to Las Vegas will only take four hours if you drive straight there. But what’s the rush? Give yourself time to stop in at a neon-signed diner for some classic American greasy food or explore one of strange but fascinating towns along the way, such as Baker, the home of ‘alien fresh jerky’. Once you’ve lived it up in Las Vegas, it’s on to one of the world’s most famous and beautiful natural sites, the Grand Canyon.

Whether you take one of these incredible road trips or you choose your own route, don’t be afraid to take the scenic route. Road tripping in the US is all about the journey, not the destination.