Better rest on the road with this innovative pillow

A new Australian invention will make napping in the car a much more enjoyable experience.

Driving through the night helps ensure you have as much time as possible at your destination. But for those trying to catch 40 winks in the back seat, the all-night drive can be a restless, uncomfortable experience.

With their recent endeavour on Kickstarter, Australian entrepreneurs David Scrimshaw and Roz Ruwhiu hope to solve this problem, making rest on the road as comfortable as possible.

The first thing you’ll notice about the FaceCradle is that it looks a little like two cushioned toilet seats held together in the middle with a lockable hinge.

This unique design isn’t an aesthetic choice. The odd shape allows the user to configure the pillow for different sleeping positions, a feature that makes the FaceCradle stand out from its competitors.

The first two configurations provide support for people who like to nap sitting upright in the seat. In dozing mode, the pillow is much like a normal neck pillow. Snoozing mode is similar, but provides better support for the neck if you like to rest with your head bent to the side.

When the pillow is opened, you can attached a harness to the seat back to create what is perhaps best described as a mini massage table. The harness is strong enough to take your body weight, so you can lean forward into the pillow to enjoy deep sleep. The u-shape means there’s an open space for your face, should you want to sleep face forward.

The pillow’s final configuration won’t work in the car. When travelling on a plane or in a train, you can rest the FaceCradle on your tray table to make sleeping in this position more comfortable.

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Image credit: FaceCradle.