Check your insurance before you hit the road

Road trips with family or friends are a lot of fun, but make sure your car and home contents policies are up to date before you leave.

Your car insurance premium is often based on the drivers you list, including their age, gender and driving history. When you purchase car insurance, your provider will use these details to assess the risk and calculate your premium. If you have a friend or family member who regularly drives your car but they are not declared on your policy, you may not be covered in the unfortunate event that they have a crash. While not all providers enforce this, it most often occurs when someone aged under 25 drives your car and has a crash.

The quickest way to make sure someone is covered to drive your car is to call your insurance provider. They can quickly and easily give you a list of everyone who is covered, and then add an additional driver if required. Of course, all this information should be covered in your policy document, but a phone call is often a faster, simpler way to obtain the full picture.

If you are travelling with someone from overseas and they have an international licence, you’ll need to check with the road traffic authority in the state or territory in which they drive the car to ensure they are covered.

You will also need to check your home or business contents policy (if you own your own company) to determine if your portable technology – smartphones, tablet and laptop computers, cameras – are covered against loss, theft or damage when you’re travelling interstate. If you are travelling with others, check they have insurance for their valuables.

You can obtain more advice and information from RACQ Insurance.