Wearable technology for your dog

Wearable technology is no longer just for humans, as new devices are invented for man’s best friend, improving the lives of both pooches and their owners.

Just when you thought the uses for wearable technology had invaded our lives way too much, now there are devices to help you track your dog’s fitness, take videos of your dog’s day and more.

Here are just a few of the gadgets now available and coming to an online store for you and your pooch to enjoy.

Whistle marries GPS tracking and pet wellness in one band. The unit clips to any collar more than 3 cms wide and connects to a smartphone app to keep tabs on your pooch’s step goal. The GPS function gives you real-time location and lets you set a geo-fenced area so you receive an alert if your dog moves out of the zone.

PitPatPet boasts an entire year of battery life for keeping tabs on your dog’s movement 24/7. As well as making sure your dog is getting enough exercise PitPatPet will warn you of any changes in your dog’s active behaviour, which can be an indicator that they’re feeling under the weather. Importantly, PitPatPet is fully waterproof and compatible with both iOS and Android phones.

Poochlight sports a distinctive design with multi-coloured LEDs designed to keep your pooch visible and safe from potential collisions. You can choose from a large selection of different lighting patterns. The smart collar also features real-time GPS tracking, activity monitoring and a temperature sensor with information displayed on a tiny OLED screen. The collar comes in three different sizes and works with a smartphone app, as well as an Apple Watch app.

GoPro Fetch puts a new twist on reality TV. It’s a harness for your GoPro, so you can get a dog’s-eye-view recording of your pooch’s day.  Just attach your camera to the chest for videoing “bone-chewing, digging and front-paw action” or on the back for overhead shots of running and jumping. It’s built to withstand your dog rolling around in the water, yard or mud and it’s also washable.

If you don’t own a dog, but have other pets, check out these gadgets that are revolutionising pet ownership.

Image credit: Wareable.com.