Sleepypod travel for your pets

The Sleepypod is a way to make sure your pets are secure and comfortable while travelling.

Unlike many of the pet cages that are typically used to transport cats and dogs, the Sleepypod is designed for comfort and is built to alleviate some of the stress related to travel.

Instead of a hard, plastic base, the Sleepypod is made with a plush foam interior for comfort. It also contains a sturdy mesh top, providing fresh air and security for the pet. Both the top and bed are made from a luggage-grade ballistic nylon, with a machine-washable liner.

The carrier is designed for versatility and has multiple compartments and options that can be attached to the basic model. Its size and shape means that it can be used for all kinds of transport, including strapped into a seatbelt in the car, or tucked under your seat when flying.

The Sleepypod carrier comes in two sizes, standard and mini, so that it can accommodate a range of pets. A standard size can hold an animal up to 6 kg in weight, while a mini version will hold up to 3 kg. The carrier also comes in a number of different colours including black, red, white and pink.

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