Have a pet-friendly Australia Day

Your four-legged friend is an essential member of your pack, so this Australia Day plan fun activities that include them.

Change up your typical Australia Day plans by including your pet. Unlike some friends or family members, your pet won’t mind if your Australia Day activities are simple or low-key, they will just enjoy being by your side either in or outdoors. Here are some ideas to help get you started.


Pet-friendly picnics are fun for all involved. Friends, family, kids and pets can all enjoy the outdoors together. An added bonus is you can make the picnic as simple or as elaborate as you like.

Fill the esky, grab a frisbee or ball, throw out a blanket and pack some snacks. Find a shady spot under a tree, marquee or outdoor umbrella so you, your pet and friends have a cool, sun-safe spot to chill out. Don’t forget to pack plenty of water, poo bags, and treats for your furry friends. If you are feeling creative, make your own natural dog treats to take along.

Traditional backyard barbeque

There is no need to abolish the traditional Australia Day barbeque to hang out with your pet. If you are hosting or planning on attending a barbeque, remember cooked meat isn’t an ideal food source for your pet.

Set aside raw meat strips as a treat before eating your own meal to help cure those hungry eyes. Although, be careful of any small or splintery bones that may get caught in their throat and are often difficult for little stomachs to digest.

Sun, water, and sand

Beaches are the perfect way to spend a hot Australia Day. Your pooch will love sinking their paw into the sand as well as a splash and swim in the refreshing water. You could easily combine a beach day with a picnic as well. If you are planning a day out beside the water, try to avoid the hottest daylight hours, as this is when the UV light is generally the highest and most dangerous.

There are some fantastic stops on the Gold Coast where you and your pet can enjoy a splash.

If you already have plans to go camping over the public holidays, consider bringing along your dog with these handy tips.