The perfect winter activities for your dog

Don’t let the cold weather keep your dog cooped up inside getting bored.

Just because it is cold outside does not mean your pup needs to be bored and lazy during the cold season. Keeping up their engagement, challenging them, as well as ensuring they are getting enough exercise to stay healthy, are just some of the responsibilities of a pet owner.

Food dispensing toys

On a day when you have no energy for walking your dog or to play games, food dispensing toys are great boredom busters. These toys are (typically) rubber and form different shapes, stuffed with your dog’s favourite treats. As your dog plays with the toy the treats are released.

Food hunt

Similar to the food dispensing toys, hiding their food around the house means they will have to work their senses. Start by placing the food in an unusual spot out in the open. After a couple nights of moving their food around you can begin to hide it.

When your dog gets better and quicker at finding it, hide the food in hard to find places. The goal is to slowly increase the hiding difficulty with every meal, challenging and advancing your put’s senses. Just be careful not to create a habit of digging up the garden while looking for the food.

Hide and seek

This game is great for families, although it can be played with just the two of you. It is a great bonding activity for both you and your dog, as well as working your pup’s mind and body.

Give each family member a treat and everyone takes turns hiding throughout the house. Once hidden call out your dog’s name and when they finally find you, reward your dog with the treat.

Create an obstacle course

If it’s a rainy day outside you can spend the morning creating and running through an obstacle course with your furry friend. You could train your dog to weave through toys, jump over objects, and crawl under chairs. This assists in keeping your dog stimulated mentally as well as training them to focus.

These are just some of the few activities you can do to keep your dog active during the cold winter months. Engaging in activities with your pooch is important for creating and maintaining a strong bond and positive relationship.