Make your cat a living space they will love

No matter what the age or breed of the cat, they need a cosy home and safe space.

All cat owners know how fussy cats can be. To ensure that your cat is in the best possible mood at all times you should do your best to make your home a cat paradise, tailored to their needs and physical and emotional desires.

Cat doors

Starting with the obvious: cat doors. Cats hate restrictions and a lack of cat doors can often lead to constant meowing until they have been let in or out. Follow these step-by-step instructions on how best to install a pet door and take one step closer to making your home pet-friendly.

Cat tree

It is common knowledge that cats love to climb; it’s in their nature to want to climb to the highest point possible in a room. Having a climbing tree can stop your cat from knocking over valuable items around the house which they may do if a climbing area isn’t available.

Cat trees can be purchased in pet stores or online, I Heart Cats also has an extensive list of DIY trees for any budget.

Scratching post

Cats are naturally prone to scratching. If you leave your cat unattended for long periods, it can often lead to scratched and ruined furniture. An easy and effective solution to this problem is a scratching post.

Dream a Little Bigger has instructions for how to make a cat scratching post at home which will last you years.

Cosy cat bed

Finally, every cat deserves to have a cosy warm bed that they can cuddle up to at the end of the day. That said, your feline may continue to sleep on the sofa or your bed. Cats are often very independent, so having their own space can prove very useful when they are in a mood.

Cat beds can be purchased in the pet store section of many stores, or you can test out your DIY skills by making the following bed by Hills Pet.

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