How to travel with cats

Here are some ways to make a car journey more bearable for your feline friend.

No cat enjoys car travel, but following these tips will  make the journey more bearable for your cat and yourself.

Prepare them early

When your cat is a kitten you should get them accustomed to car travel. Start by taking them on short regular road trips from ages two to seven weeks. Your cat is never going to love car travel but with time they will grow more tolerant.

Get a cat carrier

If you cat is going on a trip it is integral that you get them a secure cat carrier. Letting your cat roam around your car while you drive could put you in danger. You never know when it might choose to scuttle under your brake pedal. Make sure the carrier is big enough for them to stand up and turn around in.

Secure the cat carrier

You can secure the carrier using a seat belt, but you may also opt to use other restraints for extra security. Make sure the carrier is placed on the flattest possible surface out of direct sunlight. Try not to put the carrier too close to the window. The sight of the world speeding by outside will cause your cat to panic.

Make sure they have access to food and water

Be sure to bring your cat’s regular food on the trip to save them from getting sick. Make sure they have regular access to water. No spill water bowls are easily available in pet stores, vets and online.

Make them comfortable

Bring along your cat’s favourite bedding and toys from home. You want their carrier to be as comfortable as possible and your cat to be surrounded by items that are familiar and make them feel at home.

Talk to your vet

If you are about to embark on a long road trip with your cat, you may want to talk to your vet. There is medication available that may help to relieve your cat’s anxiety and car sickness.

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