Easy ways to include your pet this Christmas

Your four-legged friend is just as much a part of your family as the two-legged variety.

Christmas can be very busy and we often neglect our pets as we organise everything for the humans. Here are some ideas on how to keep your pets feeling included and loved these Christmas holidays.


Food is possibly one of the first thoughts that pop into your mind whenever Christmas is mentioned. With the amount of food that gets prepared, it is often tempting to just feed your pet tasty leftovers. However, these foods are generally rich and fatty, leaving your pet feeling sick or even requiring a visit to the vet.

You need to be careful each time you leave a box of chocolates under the Christmas tree or when placing that chicken carcass in an easy-to-reach bin. If you want to prepare or mimic a safe and healthy Christmas dish for your furry friend, combine steamed sweet potato and turkey in a treat dispenser. This yummy treat can also be frozen in the toy for those pets who are determined chewers — meaning the treat will last longer.

Another option might be to purchase your pet a Christmas themed snack or their favourite treat, as a special reward for being such a good family member all year round.

Santa photos

In the past, the RSPC has hosted sessions for your fur friend to have their photo with Santa. Additionally, local shopping centres such as Westfield, Pacific Fair, and Harbour Town have also held similar photo sessions. Ensure that you check each centre’s website for times before you leave as they are generally limited to 90 minute sessions.

Santa Paw photos often make great greeting cards as they are usually incredibly cute and hilarious.


If you are worried that your pet may not feel included during present time, you can easily put together a tailored Christmas stocking for them to open with you. Decorate the stocking with paw prints and their name, then fill the stocking with pet-friendly treats and toys.

Learn the art on how to take the purrfect photo of your four-legged family member to help capture their cuteness this holiday season.