Help your dog relax with their very own wine

At the end of a long day, you can now sit down and share a drink with your furry friend.

Some days there’s nothing to do but put up your feet and share a glass of wine with friends or family to wind down. If your closest buddies happen to have four legs and a tail, you can now share the experience with your furry friends.

Apollo Peak have developed a fine and classy beverage for your feline and canine counterparts. Based in Colorado, Apollo Peak creates non-alcoholic wines that are natural and locally sourced from farmers in the foothills of the Front Range Mountains. Each wine is formulated with organic beets and sea salt, as well as organic herbs for varioius benefits.

Their CharDOGnay is a dessert wine based on chamomile which can assist in calming your pet’s digestive system and act as a natural relaxant for anxious pets. ZinfanTail is a red based on peppermint extract that can help soothe digestive issues, reduce gas and nausea, and treat bad breath.

Although the wines are 100 percent natural and safe for your pet’s consumption, don’t break out the corkscrew without consulting your veterinarian. If you’re buying Apollo Peaks wines with the intention of fixing your dog’s anxiety or digestion, be sure to check your dog’s overall health — you don’t want to try to cover up a deeper health issue. Keep in mind the wine will also add extra calories to your dog’s diet and treats should be monitored to avoid obesity or health issues.

If you’ve already treated your furry pal to a drink, why not treat them to a day out at one of the many dog-friendly locations around Brisbane.