Choosing fish for your backyard pond

Goldfish aren’t the only fish you can include in your fish pond.

When it comes to a pond’s ecosystem fish are extremely important. Keeping fish in your garden pond can help keep aquatic pests and mosquito larvae at bay. Ponds with still water are breeding grounds for mosquitoes, so by adding a couple of fish you get both movement and colour in your pond. An added bonus is pet fish are generally quite low maintenance and are low cost.

When purchasing fish for a pond, many think of goldfish. However, there are a number of other fish you can add to your collection.

Native fish

Native fish are not necessarily readily available, however, if you are wanting frogs to breed in your pond it is best to seek natural fish out. This is because ornamental fish will often eat frog eggs and therefore deter local frogs. It is illegal to catch and use your own fish found in waterways. Additionally, it is common for small fish to be mistaken for being native when they are in fact aggressive Gambesi.

Fish you should keep an eye out for are Silver Perch, Golden Perch, Murray River Rainbow, Tandanus Catfish, and Murray Cod. Keep in mind these fish have different needs than typical Goldfish. Therefore, it is best to consult your local pet store and native fish breeder for advice on the best structuring for your pond.

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Combining multiple fish species

If you are wanting to combine a variety of fish together be wary of each fishes size, swimming ability, and behaviour. Goldfish are often not aggressive and can be kept with White Cloud Mountain Minnows, Danios, Gold Medaka, and Murray River Rainbow Fish.

Native crustaceans

Creatures such as a Yabby or Marron are also handy, low maintenance additions to your pond. Although, when given the chance the yabbies will take a swipe at your fish if they come in close contact when they are sleeping. Typically, if the fish is a lot larger than the crustacean than there should be no problems, however, it’s best to keep an eye on their behaviour.

You can purchase a variety of small shrimp (such as Ghost Shrimp) and place them in the pond. When introducing the shrimp to the pond the other fish may attempt to attack or eat them, however, if the shrimp are fast or big enough this shouldn’t be an issue.

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