Ask the vet: toilet terrors

RACQ, in partnership with Animal Welfare League Queensland, can help solve your pet problems.

RACQ, in partnership with Animal Welfare League Queensland, can help solve your pet problems.

Got a curly problem with your favourite pooch? Is your cat being too catty?

While animals can bring much joy into our lives, they are not always problem free. If there is an animal issue that you need help to solve, send your question to via RACQ to the Animal Welfare League Queensland experts, to find the answer.

Toilet terrors

We got Tannon from a shelter when he was seven years old. For the past two years he has been wetting inside the house. He came from a home with domestic violence and is very sensitive, but we need to stop him from wetting inside. He is a moodle.

AWLQ experts say

It’s easy for dogs to slip back into bad habits, especially if they’ve never mastered this aspect of their training or it wasn’t reinforced frequently enough.

The first step is to have Tannon checked for any medical issues. Once you have a diagnosis from your vet that this is behavioural and not medical, the key to success when it comes to stopping your dog from peeing indoors are catching them before the act, catching them during the act, and taking them outside several times a day to pee – while heaping on the positive reinforcement when they do finally pee outside.

Leaving mum

What is the minimum age that puppies can be sold in Queensland? A friend bought a five-week-old purebred blue cattle dog puppy recently and at six weeks he already has behavioural problems.

AWLQ experts say

Puppies generally start eating solid food at around four weeks and drink less and less mother’s milk until they are on solids only at around six weeks. This is quite variable, and some pups may wean off milk later. Generally, is it advised to rehome pups at about eight weeks or later by which time they are usually on solids and robust enough to be removed from mum.

The Queensland Department of Agriculture and Fisheries says there is no law that states they have to be a certain age before selling. However, the legislation does state that a puppy must be microchipped between eight to twelve weeks of age before being transferred to a new owner.

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