Ask the vet: which bone is best?

RACQ, in partnership with Animal Welfare League Queensland, can help solve your pet problems.

RACQ, in partnership with Animal Welfare League Queensland, can help solve your pet problems.

Got a curly problem with your favourite pooch? Is your cat being too catty?

While animals can bring much joy into our lives, they are not always problem free. If there is an animal issue that you need help to solve, send your question to via RACQ to the Animal Welfare League Queensland experts, to find the answer.

Which bone is best?

I’ve got a little Westie (West Highland Terrier), and he loves to chew. I want to give him something other than my shoes to keep him occupied. Should I give Hamish pigs ears or bones? Do the bones have to be fresh and what sort of bone is best?

AWLQ Experts say

Marrow bones are best and they must always be raw, never cooked! Alternatively, use a Kong or other enrichment toys.

Cleaning woes

Toby, my border collie, has developed a strong dislike for the vacuum cleaner. Apart from shutting him out of the house when I vacuum, is there a way I can desensitise him?

AWLQ Experts say

This is a complex issue that needs to be dealt with through a process of desensitisation and counter-conditioning. Best tackled with the help of a professional dog trainer, as this can be a lengthy process.

Puppy crate tips

Some of my friends have used crate training for their new puppies and recommend this especially for getting toilet training under control. Do you have any tips on how to use crate training?

AWLQ Experts say

Dogs are naturally clean and will not usually foul their immediate sleeping area. You can take advantage of this tendency by putting the dog in a very small area such as a dog crate (with soft bedding and a chew toy like a Kong stuffed with kibble and peanut butter or canned dog food) when you cannot watch it. It will probably hold while in the crate, then you can take it outside immediately after coming out of the crate. Visit for more information.

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