Ask the vet: Balcony balancing

RACQ, in partnership with Animal Welfare League Queensland, can help solve your pet problems.

RACQ, in partnership with Animal Welfare League Queensland, can help solve your pet problems.

Got a curly problem with your favourite pooch? Is your cat being too catty?

While animals can bring much joy into our lives, they are not always problem free. If there is an animal issue that you need help to solve, send your question to via RACQ to the Animal Welfare League Queensland experts, to find the answer.

Balcony balancing

Is my cat really silly enough to jump off our balcony? I want to open the door for some breeze. I show her the edge through the glass and she seems afraid but painfully curious.

AWLQ experts say

Cats are naturally curious and may expose themselves to injury by exploring. Cats fall from balconies and windows quite commonly in big cities and vets even have a name for it – ‘highrise syndrome’ where cats suffer typical traumas especially broken legs and jaws. She may slip, fall asleep, get startled or get caught by a gust of wind and fall so if you live in a high building it would be best to try and keep her off the balcony. I would invest in a screen door so that you can still get that breeze.

Kitty cat bath time

What shampoo would you recommend for bathing my Sphinx cat Aurora, who is four months old. I am currently using baby shampoo, but I’m worried this is not the right.

AWLQ experts say

Most cats groom themselves very efficiently and don’t need regular bathing however Sphinx cats have no fur to move the oils produced by the skin away from the skin. This means they may feel oily and dirt also sticks top the oil. Aurora should bathed every two weeks to a month depending on the cat and the amount of access oil their body produces. Human shampoos are often too harsh or even toxic, and many pet shampoos can be too harsh as well. A soothing or mild pet shampoo is best. There are some, for example, that contain oatmeal or aloe vera. Your pet store should carry a variety. Baby shampoo is supposed to be safe but just in case I would stick with the tested pet products.

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