Tips for camping with a baby

While some would regard it as their worst nightmare, camping with a baby can be done when planned well.

Babies are remarkably hardy and, with the proper attention to managing risk, you can take them just about anywhere provided you plan their food, clothing and bedding.

If your baby is breastfeeding it’s an easier task (with due respect to mums) than if they are bottle-fed. With breastfeeding, you don’t have to carry anything. Whereas with bottle feeding, you need to sterilise bottles, have filtered water, mixing formula and more.

Be very scrupulous about treating and filtering water, including water for washing little hands and faces. Waterborne pathogens are always a concern as one of the biggest problems with a sick baby is dehydration.

Do a careful count of the number of nappies you’ll need, then add some extras just in case. If you’re camping in a remote location with the nearest store a few hours away, you don’t want to be caught short on the nappy front. If there isn’t s dump site at the campground, you’ll need to store the dirty nappies until you find one. Bring a dry bag that’s waterproof and easy to seal. Be concerned about keeping the baby waste in, not keeping water out of the bag.

Keep baby warm. Up to 20 percent of your heat is transferred from your head. As babies have a larger head to body ratio, they lose heat even faster in cold weather. So headwear is important when camping with babies. Dress them in layers so you can adjust their clothing and make sure they have mittens if the weather is cool.

Keep baby occupied and as close to their normal sleep routine as possible. You don’t want to keep the whole campsite awake with baby screams. If you’re unable to calm baby at night, you may have to put them in your vehicle and take a short drive, so other campers can get their sleep.