Take a course, buy some gear and get into canyoning

Canyoning is a niche but growing sport and it’s the perfect outdoor activity for thrill seekers and nature lovers alike.

If you’ve never heard of canyoning it’s relatively simple. It involves a free flowing river through caves gorges, waterfalls, and whatever else nature throws your way. You’ll walk, scramble climb, jump, swim and absail. If you consider yourself a thrill seeker and a true lover of nature, canyoning is the perfect outdoor adventure.

First time canyoners should go with a guide, tour group or other experienced canyoners. It’s best to keep the numbers to around eight or less, or the adventure becomes too crowded. Canyoning involves getting wet so it’s often best to wear a wetsuit. You can invest in expensive Canyoning shoes or instead just wear reef walkers. You’ll also need to pack a harness, helmet, figure 8, prusik, 60 meter static rope, wetsuit, dry bags and a first aid kit. All of this should be keep in a small rucksack which is relatively comfortable to wear.

Man rappeling down the waterfall of canyon.

A canyon usually includes a number of abseils. These may be off tree trunks, artificial anchors or chockstones. Before abseiling always check and recheck the anchor, even if others have gone before you it is important that you take responsibility of your own safety.

The Blue Mountains in New South Wales provide some of the best canyons for beginners including Grand Canyon and Tiger Snake. Those more experienced at Canyoning might like to try more difficult canyons such as Butterbox and Kanangra. Tuross Falls, in the Wadbilliga National Park in New South Wales has some great easy to moderate canyons. It also has fantastic swimming at the Cascades, a water polished granite slippery slide. This is a good place to venture for a weekend getaway as camping is free. If you are looking for a challenge you could try Karijini Gorges in Western Australia. This is a thrilling Canyon adventure but make sure you go with a tour company.

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