Snorkelling tips for beginners

Queensland has some of the world’s best snorkelling locations, so if you’ve never tried snorkelling now’s the time to start.

Snorkelling is an easy way to enjoy the underwater beauty of the ocean and see the myriad of sea creatures that inhabit this world.

While it is also relaxing, snorkelling is great exercise and every time you jump in it will be different. Here are some tips for first-timers.

The key to any successful snorkelling trip is to stay relaxed. You’ll enjoy yourself more and maintain your energy levels.

Your mask must fit your face. Hold the snorkel mask to your face and breath in through your nose. If the mask seals perfectly and stays in place without holding it, you’re okay to go.

If air leaks in, water will to, so make sure your mask fits. There’s no use getting into the water only to discover your mask doesn’t work. Keep all your hair out of the seal too. Moustaches can be a bit of a problem, so put some chapstick below your nose to help the mask seal.

If the strap fits snugly at the widest area of your head towards the top back, it’s perfect. If you wear it just at the base of your head, water will seep in. If water does seep in as you snorkel, reach back and check the straps are in place. The water should apply enough pressure to seal the mask into place so don’t wear it too tightly.

You cannot go snorkelling without fins, as you don’t have the strength to move against the current or quickly away from reefs or rocks. Choose a pair of fins that fit snugly but never too tight, as they will cause cramps in the water. It’s always better if your fins are slightly bigger than too small, as they will slip on easier once both your feet are wet.

Practice your breathing. The best way to practice is to calmly float face-down in the water. This also gives you something to focus on other than your breathing, so eventually, your snorkel breathing comes naturally. Don’t bite your snorkel mouthpiece.

Learn how to defog your mask. You may apply a defogging liquid to your mask before you go, or the old spit and scrub the mask while treading water. There are a number of options, but unless you can defog, you’ll not enjoy your snorkel trip.

When you’re ready to start, here are five fabulous locations to snorkel in Queensland.