Relax on the water with these floating sunglasses

Gone are the days where the only sunglasses you take on a fishing trip are the kind you can purchase for spare change at the local service station.

Whether boating, kayaking, kite surfing or swimming while wearing sunglasses, you run the risk of your favourite shades taking a dip without you. For the water enthusiasts and adventure junkies who want one less stress on holiday, outdoor gear company Rheos has developed a range of sunglasses that are near unsinkable.

The team believe “if you’re on a boat, your shades should float,” and have manufactured such a product without compromising style or affordability for their customers.

“Rheos” is the Greek word for river current, reflecting the company’s value for constant flow, constant change, and carving their individual path in the market. With the eyewear industry being monopolised by one company, Rheos Gear aims to compete by making necessary and continual changes to marketed products.

Each pair of shades is designed to be stylish, lightweight and comfortable for the wearer, while maintaining buoyancy. The frames are made of a high strength and long lasting TPX material that is ultra-light, giving the sunglasses their floating capability.

All Rheos lenses have premium polarization, UV protection, and dual anti-scratch coatings. This 100% UV protection is important for the adventurers on water and snow where UV damage can be double, with the polarized filter to help reduce and even eliminate glare.

All frames are designed with a sports-style nose and ear pads for enhanced grip, reducing the risk of your shades detaching from your person while out on the water.

Although small, the up-and-coming Atlanta based brand has already proven successful in this niche market, with their first full shipment selling out in less than 60 days from launch. At just $50 American including shipping, these shades are sure to float above the rest in outdoor eyewear.

Visit Rheos to shop the range, learn more about their unique manufacturing technologies, and read their success story.