Podcasts every runner will love

If you prefer to run with headphones in your ears, here are some podcasts especially for runners.

Here are five podcasts, as originally published in running.competitor.com, to help you enjoy your run and maybe even push a couple of kilometres further.

I’ll Have Another

I’ll Have Another with Lindsey Hein is a weekly recording of her conversations with people who motivate and inspire. Lindsey and her husband live in Indianapolis and both enjoy running, as well as fitness coaching.

Running Rogue

Running Rogue Podcast is produced in Austin, Texas, home of retail store Rogue Running. The podcast is hosted by Rogue founder and coach Steve Sisson (who has also coached athletes at The University of Texas) and coach Chris McClung.

They discuss everything from training principles to doping to mental strategy and more. You’ll gain wisdom from their years of experience and feel like you’re sitting and chatting with friends thanks to their laid-back vibe.

Real Talk Radio

Real Talk Radio now has 11 seasons of podcasts. Hosted by Nicole Antionette, they provide great insight into everything in your life, not just your running.

Episodes runners will especially enjoy include her talk with Jason Fitzgerald in season one, Kate Grace’s season one episode, Joel Runyon in season three, Matt Frazier’s season four episode, her chat with Sarah Robinson in season six and the discussion with Nick Symmonds in season eight.

Rich Roll

Rich Roll Podcast is a series of conversations between Rich and some heavy hitters in the world of sport. In 2012, Rich became a #1 bestselling author with the publication of his inspirational memoir Finding Ultra: Rejecting Middle Age, Becoming One of the World’s Fittest Men, and Discovering Myself. In 2013 Rich launched his podcast, which regularly sits atop the iTunes top-10 lists.

Trail Runner Nation

Trail Runner Nation helps runners of all tracks and every level, learn about performance, rules of the trail and the mindset needed for top performance. If you are strictly a road runner, however, you may find yourself wanting to run an ultra-marathon after listening to even just a handful of episodes.

Do you listen to podcasts when you run?