Pick the right tent for your next trip

If you’re hoping to trade in everyday life for the simple life, it is important to make the right choices with your camping essentials.

Regular campers will have all the right gear ready to go, but for those still borrowing tents from the family garage, it may be time to make invest in your own home away from home.

The following guidelines will help determine the right tent for you.


Tents can range anywhere from $60 to $3,000 depending on quality and the terrain they are suited to. If you’re only planning on using the tent once or twice, cost effectiveness will be a priority. However, it’s important to remember you get what you pay for.


When buying a tent, consider where you’ll be taking it and what conditions you’re likely to encounter. Will there be wind? Rain? Snow? Make sure whatever tent you buy is suited to the weather you may be up against to ensure you make it through the weekend. Also consider what you may be doing on your trips. A dome tent will make it quick and easy for you to pack up camp and move onto the next location, if you’re going backpacking, a light single person tent will suffice.


In the case of camping, bigger can be better. If you’re looking to camp solo, go for a two-person tent. If there’s going to be two of you, go for one that sleeps four. A bigger tent allows for more storage and space, and keeps you prepared for the worst case scenario. Larger tents will generally have a built in entry which is ideal for pets, wet shoes, or just some extra room to keep your belongings out of sight and dry.

When travelling with four or more people, cabin and car tents become the norm, allowing extra space and privacy for those occupying the tent. These larger tents may have separate rooms, awnings, and extra storage space for added luxury and comfort when needing room for the whole family.

Tent care

Learn how to care for your tent to make sure it lasts as long as possible. Floor mats, continual sweeping, mopping, and airing out the tent, will allow your home away from home to last. Find out the best way to store your tent, and how it should be dried out to ensure dirt is washed out and mildew won’t grow.