Multi-day hikes in Australia

The Aussie bush is a place that can make you feel you are discovering it for the first time, no matter how popular a track may be.

The conditions of a track, time of year and your experience are all contributing factors that dictate how long it may take for a hike to be completed. The following trails will entail you weaving around roots, rocks, branches and other obstacles while also giving you the chance to admire the beauty and diversity of the bush across several days.

Larapinta Trail, Northern Territory

Located in the West MacDonnell Range in the Northern Territory, this 16-20 day hike is approximately 223km long and perfect for experienced walkers. The access to this track is just one-way with road access throughout — including at both ends.

Those who have walked this trail recommend doing so in the cooler months, between April and September.

Thorsborne Trail, Queensland

Located on Hinchinbrook Island in Far North Queensland, this hike only takes four to five days to complete. This hike is moderate to difficult, so it’s great for those who have hiked before and want to challenge themselves while looking out over this gorgeous view.

Boat transport is required at both ends of the track and the route is one-way only. You need to carry everything with you and get water from creeks or streams. Many hikers walk during the cooler months and permits are required as it is a national park.

Australian Alps, Victoria, New South Wales and Australian Capital Territory

This hike is in the high country of the ACT, NSW and Victoria. The length of this hike is approximately 45 to 60 days — including rest days. This hike is not for the faint-hearted and should be completed only by experienced hikers.

This hike is approximately 655km in length and is a one-way route. There is road access at both ends and it is best to complete during the warmer months. Due to its length food drops are required throughout.

Fraser Island Great Walk, Queensland

This hike is perfect for beginners. It should take approximately five to seven days to complete the 84km. A boat transfer is required to the island and both ends of the walking track are accessible by vehicle.

Many find this walk more enjoyable during the cooler months and campsite bookings and permits are required.

These multi-day hikes may leave you feeling a little roughed up and tired, however, they all offer an escape from the busy modern world. Give yourself a chance to slip into the slower pace of nature and explore the picturesque Australian bush views for yourself.

Here are five more long distance hikes in Queensland. If you are planning on undertaking a multi-day hike, ensure that your body is prepared to avoid any health complications on your trip.