This modern camping stove uses eco-friendly biofuel

Some people may not realise that used cooking oil can be recycled.

One of the dilemmas of using cooking oil is how to dispose of it without doing damage to the environment. The new Biofuel cooking stove solves this problem by using recycled cooking oil. Designed by Cho Sung Hwan of Yanko Design, it is a portable easy-to-use single-burner stove that is fueled by used cooking oil.

Instead of using firewood or fossil fuels such as petroleum, the Biofuel stove recycles and also makes for a safer cooking experience. The reused cooking oil is significantly less flammable, which makes this a much safer option for use outdoors, particularly if there’s a high fire danger. These fuels also burn cleanly, without emitting noxious fumes or smoke associated with fossil fuels. This makes the Biofuel solution a healthier option, not just for you but for the planet, too.

The safety features of this device, as well as its low impact on the environment, make it especially useful for people who spend a significant amount of time outdoors. However, it is a little bulky, so it’s probably best suited to campers or caravanners, not hikers who need to carry their gear with them. And unless you use a lot of cooking oil yourself, you’ll probably need to make a few trips to the local fish and chip shop for fuel before heading out bush.

Interestingly, the designers also expect the device to gain traction in developing nations, where safe and cost-effective heating and cooking solutions are greatly required to improve quality of life.

The team at Yanko Design are still planning mass production of the stove, but expect it to be available on the market shortly.