Make your next camping trip luxurious

Just because you’re sleeping in a tent doesn’t mean you can’t have a bit of luxury on your camping experience.

The days of an air mattress and sleeping bag being the sum total of your camping gear are long gone. Now there are plenty of tents, storage, cooking and sleep options when you head bush. And there’s nothing wrong with putting a little glamour into your camp.

Here are some ways to make your camping more luxurious and a bit of fun.


There are a number of options for lighting, but always be cautious to avoid creating fire hazards. If you can carry some jars with you, mark the boundary of your campsite with candles in glass containers. Secure them with rocks or bury the jars slightly to keep them sturdy and be sure to blow out the candles before retiring for the night.

Alternatively you can use solar-powered garden lights. They are also good for guiding you on a late-night dash to the bathroom. Create some atmosphere with fairy lights draped in the trees around the campsite. Use battery or solar-powered fairy lights to set the mood.


Pack ingredients for a cocktail or two. They always make an occasion special. Here are some recipes you can try.

A punch is always a crowd pleaser and you can be as free with the ingredients as you like. Just make sure you have ice and a large bowl of some sort.


Instead of steak, chops and sausages on the barbecue, get a little creative. Cook chicken satay sticks or make gourmet burgers. Wrap potatoes in foil and bake them in the fireplace, then add sour cream or chutney to taste. If you can carry frozen food for a day or two, cook up a seafood marinara sauce and freeze it. Then serve with pasta, fresh damper and a glass of red.

Take a cake with you and ice it when you’re ready to serve — and do so on a cake stand cutting slices with a cake knife.


Carry thick fluffy towels and even some throw cushions for sitting on around the campfire. Also, bring along a couple of doonas or quilted bedspreads to wrap yourself in after sundown.

It doesn’t take much to spoil yourself with a little luxury. You just need to plan ahead and make sure you’re able to carry the extra gear if hiking.