How you lace your shoes can affect running performance

Give yourself an edge and ensure you stay injury-free.

Runners tend to be detail-oriented. They keep training logs, track the weather and shop for special shoes.

Some even ditch the traditional way of lacing their shoes in favour of a more tailored approach to their shoestrings to give them that extra edge. An article in online publication Active revealed some interesting insights to this everyday task.

Researchers at the University of Duisburg-Essen in Germany found that how you lace your shoes (both tightness and the pattern of lacing) directly affects the force of impact as your feet land.

If you’re coming back from an injury and want to ease back into a regular routine, or if you’re frustrated that your feet don’t feel the same in a new pair of your favourite running shoes, the way you lace your shoes can make a difference. So before your next run, try one of these lacing techniques to stay injury-free and primed for your next race.

For example, if your heel is slipping out of your shoe, you can add loops to the last eyelet to create a more secure fit. You can view other methods for lacing running shoes, along with step-by-step guides here.