Innovative tent sleeps 20 people in interconnected pods

Tent manufacturer POD Tents claims it offers the world's first modular camping experience, with 'pods' designed and engineered to be linked together.

For many people, camping is a social activity. The new POD tents allow you to connect your tents on the fly, building bespoke accommodation layouts to suit your needs — whether you’re a family on a camping trip or a group of mates at a festival. The tents make it easier to camp separately and together at the same time.

Watch the promotional video below:

The system is completely modular so you simply buy what you want when you want.

Erecting the tents is easy, too. You don’t have to worry about colour-coded or numbered poles. The POD has eight poles that are all the same size and shape and a clever eight-fingered central attachment. This makes it easy to erect whether you are a new or experienced camper.

The idea is to use the connecting tunnels to join the tents, allowing you to sleep in one and socialise or store equipment in the other. This is the perfect product if you are camping as a large group, each with your own PODs all interconnected.

As well as the fun involved for the kids exploring the tunnels and PODs, there’s the safety factor and reassurance for parents, knowing the kids are just down the tunnel, rather than in a separate tent.

POD Tents are now available in Australia. They aren’t cheap, but certainly worth investigating if you like camping with company.