Hiking tips for women going solo

Hiking alone can be exciting, eye-opening and liberating.

Not only does hiking benefit and challenge the body physically, it can provide a great time to unwind and improve spiritual health.

But hiking alone can be dangerous whether you’re male or female, so it’s important to remember to take some precautions before you head off.

Take your phone

While this might be a great opportunity to disconnect digitally, it is still important to carry a mobile phone or GPS device in case you need it in an emergency. A number of helpful tracking and mapping apps can be downloaded to help you along the way, and your phone can always be used as a camera when you come across amazing views.

Tell someone your plan

Planning your route and notifying someone about it is important and can mean the difference between being stranded or found. If someone knows your rough daily movements and when to expect you back, they’ll know to raise the alarm if you don’t return on schedule.

Carry something to defend yourself

Carrying a pain-inducing spray can make an enormous difference if you need to protect yourself from dangerous creatures.

Follow your gut

If something doesn’t feel right, it might not be. If you come across another person who gives you an odd vibe, you should keep moving. If a trail looks unsafe, you should take an alternative. If you’re feeling unwell, you should take a break to try and recover. If you listen to your gut instincts you could avoid making serious mistakes.

Take vital supplies

The essentials include:

  • A map – ensure you know where you are heading and the fastest route to civilisation.
  • Water – for obvious reasons. You should carry as much as you physically can.
  • First aid kit – this can make a huge difference if you injure yourself.
  • Snacks – it’s important to keep your energy levels high and to have food if become stranded.
  • Jumper or raincoat – you might encounter unexpected weather conditions.

What other tips do you have for women hiking solo? We would love to hear from you in the comments section.