High tech gadgets for outdoor adventures

You might feel at one with nature when you get into the great outdoors, but these days you’re more likely to feel at home in nature with a few high-tech gadgets too.

It seems there are gadgets for every part of camping, hiking and generally enjoying outdoor activities. Even outdoor clothing is going high-tech. Here are four gadgets any techie will love to use on the trail.

Anker PowerPort

Charging your gadgets when you’re hiking or camping is a pain. You can take along a USB battery pack, but eventually it’ll run out of juice too. A solar panel charger like this Anker PowerPort – which comes in various sizes and wattages – will keep you running for as long as you’re camping in a sunny area.

FourSevens Maelstrom Regen

Everyone loves a strong flashlight – particularly if the beam shines powerfully over long distance. Well this is the king of flashlights. It packs 2000 lumens of power, more than enough to stun anyone whose eyes you flash it in. It’s USB rechargeable, and it takes a massively powerful 25,650 battery cell that gives it loads of heft for its size.

Sony DEV50 Digital Binoculars

Get more out of every impressive view with these incredible binoculars. The 12x optical zoom allows you to see what others miss, and the internal camera will record everything it all for later – even if 3D. What’s more, it’s built like a brick, is dust-proof and water resistant, so these binoculars can stand up to anything you put them through on your adventures.

These LED light-sticks have enough juice to run for 60 hours without a USB recharge

Sunjack LightStick

These slim little SunJack LightSticks come in two sizes – regular and mini – and look like an old-school glow-stick. Except you don’t crack these over your leg and wave them around your head at a concert. These LED light-sticks have enough juice to run for 60 hours without a USB recharge, and the larger LightStick will even charge your phone itself if you plug it in.

Leatherman Signal

Who doesn’t love a Leatherman tool? The Signal is one of the newest, and incorporates important, possibly life-saving, survival tools. There’s a firestarter flint and a safety whistle along with the usual blade, pliers and serrated saw. Plus it’s made to last, and it’s made to be used and punished for every single day you own it.