Get outside with your valentine

Create an unusual valentine date your significant other will always remember.

Planning the perfect date or finding the best gift can be exhausting and extremely costly. Surprise your partner by creating your own private cinema experience under the stars. This is both a unique experience and a thoughtful gift.

Organise seating and a cosy blanket

You want you and your date to be comfortable. However, planning to set up your outdoor cinema in the backyard using a quality mattress or expensive bean bag may not be the best idea. WooHome have compiled a variety of ways you can transform old household items into outdoor sofas and chairs.

If you are short on time, or you can’t be trusted with tools, simple seating ideas include using a soft picnic rug or patio chairs. If you want to take your seating to the next level by using a mattress or beanbags be sure to lay out a tarp or old sheet underneath to keep the furniture in good condition.

Movie snacks and drinks

Any typical movie night needs delicious snacks and refreshing drinks to have during the film. Chocolate fondue with accompanying fruit is delicious, romantic and easy. If you don’t own a fondue set simply dip the fruit in melted chocolate and then leave to set in the fridge ready to go. You can also never go wrong with popcorn; mix this cinema classic up with these seasoning ideas.

An outdoor home theatre set

A home theatre set will include a screen, a projector, and audio. Ideally, you will want to project the film onto a white wall. Many outdoor projector screens are inflatable or stretched and therefore vary in price. If you want to skip this cost you can try to make your own using this method.

The next requirement for your home theatre set is a projector. You can purchase a projector at many large electronic and computer stores. Typically, a quality projector will cost between $600 and $1200.

If you aren’t planning on hosting future outdoor cinema nights then it may be better to hire an outdoor projector. Rental home theatre sets can be easily found on Gumtree with prices to fit all budgets.

Choosing a film

Consider picking a film that you both will enjoy. If you are looking for inspiration view our list of  Valentine’s Day films here. If you have little ones start the night by playing a film they love so that they feel involved on the special date. Once the film has finished you will be able to send them off to bed before you enjoy a special screening with your partner.

If you decide to watch a film which is set in a foreign country, you could theme your food and drinks to help create a unique atmosphere. For example, for a film set in Japan, you may like to serve sushi.

Treat your valentine to this unique and unusual date idea and sit back and relax while watching a great film in the outdoors with a loved one. Although, if you do it well, you will set yourself a high Valentine’s Day standard for the following years.