Enjoy great coffee while camping

You don’t need to resort to instant coffee just because you’re camping.

With a little bit of planning, you can still enjoy a cup of freshly ground coffee when you’re in the great outdoors. That doesn’t mean you camp in a park near a cafe. You will need to buy the right equipment and grind your beans in advance, as solar-powered coffee grinders are yet to be invented.

The first thing to do is determine how many cups of coffee you expect your party to drink while you’re away. Then grind the appropriate amount of coffee and pack it in airtight or vacuum-sealed bags. Depending on where you buy your coffee beans, you can use the bags the coffee beans come in, as these often have zip-lock seals.

Here are three options to ensure your morning brew is as good as the one you make at home:

French press: The traditional name for plunger coffee, French press is one of the simpler ways of brewing coffee. All you need to do is put the ground coffee beans in the plunger pot, add boiled water and let it brew for four minutes. Then press the plunger and pour your coffee.

Pour over: Also known as hand-drip coffee, pour over is made by gently pouring hot water (slightly cooler than boiled) directly into a cup through a filter cone lined with filter paper. The coffee beans should be a medium grind.

Stovetop espresso: A stovetop espresso maker uses steam to create pressure that extracts the flavour from the coffee grinds. Put water in the bottom compartment of the espresso pot and coffee grinds in the middle. As the water heats, it will gently brew the coffee and push it into the top compartment. This method requires you to pack and carry the coffee pot, but if you love your coffee it will be well worth it.