Earth Day activities for families

This Earth Day teach your kids (and yourself) how you can easily adopt earth-friendly practices in so many fun ways.

Earth Day comes around every year on April 22. This year instead of letting the day pass like any other, step outside and kick-start a new eco-friendly lifestyle. You might just find these activities fun and so easy, that you celebrate Earth Day every day.

Start a compost bin

Composting is an easy and environmentally friendly use of our organic waste. The best part is you can use the compost for your veggie garden, helping to increase the quality of your own produce. Starting a compost can be super cheap. Head to your local hardware/nursery store to buy a bin and stick it to the side of your veggie patch or garden.

You might even like to combine this activity with building a veggie garden or planting native Australian plants. Dress the kids in some garden clothes and let them dig and get amongst the soil and dirt. For more information and tips on starting your own compost view our guide.


It can be hard amongst your family’s busy life to find time to volunteer. However, you might like to take a couple hours this Earth Day to see what your community is doing to help the planet. You will likely be spending the day chatting with others in your community while also doing good things for Earth.

You are planning a trip to the beach don’t forget to take three for the sea.

Take the footprint quiz

Often we can all forget just how much our everyday purchases and habits can affect our eco-footprint. The Earth Day Network has a quiz you can take to help calculate your footprint, while also explaining how your lifestyle affects the planet.

Sit down with your kids and have them help you answer the questions. This quiz will be an eye-opener for your family. Once you know the true extent of your footprint you can begin to explore options on how to reduce it. It can be surprising how simple and creative some of your kids’ solutions will be.

Step into the kitchen

Spend the day cooking in the kitchen — with your kids help of course. By cooking more in the kitchen you can reduce the frequency of visits to your local fast food drive-through. Not only will you dramatically decrease your contribution to landfills, but you can also save yourself cash too.

Take it a step further and try to prepare a meal exclusively from locally produced products. If you can’t find locally sourced food, try to buy products with minimal processing. If you are up for the challenge, go meatless for the day. It takes more resources to raise poultry, pork, and beef than it does to farm grains and vegetables. Try making these hearty vegetarian meals with the kids.

If you are really wanting to get outside on Earth Day you might like to organise a green picnic. Find a local picnic spot, keep your waste to a minimum and spend the afternoon exploring local nature. Here are some tips on holding an eco-friendly barbeque.