Beach games for adults

When you’re holidaying with friends, make sure not to let the kids have all the fun.

Beach games can be a lot of fun for all ages and the summer holidays are when you’re most likely to be playing them. Here are some games to consider, but make sure you slip, slop and slap before you start.

Beach Cricket

This is an Aussie staple and everyone can play. It’s easier on hard sand, as the ball can bounce and not bury itself in soft sand along the “pitch”. You can use anything for the wicket from real stumps to a garbage bin or esky. You can play as competitively or as lazy as you like, even with a beer in your hand.

Tug of War

You’ll need a long rope of course, but you can make up different varieties of challenges. Kids versus adults, mums versus dads and the like.

Frisbee Throwing

Another game for everyone, frisbee is a safe, cheap and easy activity. Plus the windy conditions of the beach are perfect for your frisbee to reach maximum range. If the beach is a dog-friendly one, why not get your pooch involved?


This is an excellent game with simple rules. You have to knock over some sticks (which you place upright in the sand) with other sticks, standing from a distance away. The best part is that it doesn’t cost anything. All you have to do is forage some sticks from the bush.

Beach Bowling

This is another easy game for all to play. Beach bowling is just as it sounds. Bowling on a beach. You can use sticks for pins, or make the pins from sand using buckets. Then use any old ball to knock them down.

You can also grab a tennis ball or football and throw it in a game of forcing back. The added bonus is you can dive into the water after a ball and cool down as you play.