Lamborghini’s luxury entry to the electric car market

Lamborghini could have plans for an all electric hypercar.

Lamborghini’s recently released ‘Asterion’ hybrid electric car model, caused some commotion on the motor scene last month. Many motoring enthusiasts questioned why the company, which derives much of its status off a roaring engine and domineering performance, would sacrifice these qualities in the name of efficiency. The Italian company made it clear the car was just a “technology demonstrator” meant to explore how electric options might work in future Lamborghini models. Despite this, it is now being reported that an all electric hypercar could  also be on the company horizon.

A video from AutoBild has reported that Lamborghini is working on an all new luxury model of electric hypercar. The model is said to be called, Vitola, which is a measurement used for cigars. According to the report, Vitola will make use of scalable j1 architecture that underpins the Porsche Mission E, as well as it’s integrated fast changing system.

The car is said to be capable of hitting 100 kph in 25 seconds with a top speed of 300 kph. The car will almost definitely be a limited edition with an expected two comma price tag.

Regardless of performance or styling an all electric vehicle will be a radical change for this luxury car company, which is known for making supercars which can be seen as well as heard. While the car, by all reports, is definitely on the cards it is likely to be a while still until Lamborghini moves from the recently released Asterion hybrid model to the all electric Vitola.