Christmas gifts for car lovers

We have a few gift ideas to help steer you in the right direction this Christmas.

If you have a car lover in your life, here are a few great christmas gift ideas to get their engine running high with excitement.

A scale model

You might not be able to buy them their very own race car, but you can definitely afford the model replica. Whether it’s a Ferrari 458 Spider, the winning racecar of the 1983 Tour De Corse, or a 1970 Honda Coupe 9S, the model of their favourite car will be the perfect addition to any memorabilia or merchandise they’ve already collected. To find the model you want, contact your local games store.

A book

Whether they’re a Holden fanatic, classic lover, or are simply interested in how cars work, you can never go wrong with a book. Several hardcovers and paperbacks showcase the fastest cars of our time, the history of a manufacturer and how models have changed over the years, or give you 100 years of classics to flip through and admire. The perfect book will be available to suit their taste and love of cars.

Take a trip

Visit one of the many great racetracks in Australia from Bathurst to Phillip Island, or go a little further to Italy’s Supercar Valley. Formally known as the Emilia-Romagna region, here is where they manufacture the likes of Ferrari, Lamborghini, Maserati, and more. There are several museums and monuments dedicated these trademarks, with production tours available if you book early.

Racing drive experience

Offered at locations all around Australia, spring for a V8 Supercar Experience for the opportunity to get behind the wheel of a real V8 race car. Choose from Holden or Ford, manual or automatic, and take to the track in professional racing gear. Thunder down straights, slide around corners, and reach speeds of up to 200km an hour on your own, or with an instructor.

Solo drivers are guided through the track with audible instruction from the professional and experienced instructors, to assist with braking points and gear shifts, to make sure you’re getting the most out of the track, and the engine.

Keep the novelty

For the stocking stuffers there’s always the novelty gift that adds a bit of fun to a car lover’s passion. Novelty license plates, crude bumper stickers, t-shirts and branded key chains are always available, or why not choose some merchandise from their favourite manufacturer?