Caterham builds limited-edition 1960s-inspired car

The Caterham Seven Sprint is a vehicle that respects a golden era of automotive innovation.

Anyone who wants to feel what it was like to drive in the 1960s will be delighted by Caterham’s latest release, the limited-edition Seven Sprint.

The vehicle celebrates the 60th anniversary of the famous Seven line and was inspired by a model designed but never launched in the 1960s.

Both the design and the performance of the vehicle are distinctly retro.

The car is a two-seater convertible and rides low to the ground. Purists will be delighted that the six colour choices are the same as were available in 1966. The steering wheel is wood-rimmed and the seats are hand-stitched racing red leather.

On the performance front, the Seven Sprint is powered by an old-school triple-cylinder engine, with just 80 horsepower.

Take a trip back to the swinging ’60s and check out the gallery:

Unfortunately for anyone looking to own a piece of history, the Seven Sprint sold out in a single week. Only 60 Sprints were made, priced from $46,903 (£27,995), and all 60 were bought within a week of the September 9 launch.