Banking on smart devices

Advances in smartphone technology have made even Dick Tracy’s two-way wrist TV look out of date.

Australians are one of the highest per capita users of smartphones and wearables on the planet. We cannot get enough of the latest devices – sometimes to our personal detriment as life passes by while we’re preoccupied with a screen.

“Are you going somewhere interesting to stare at a screen this weekend?” used to be a joke, but it’s not so funny anymore. Suddenly “How many steps have you done today?” is a water cooler discussion, as people wear fitness devices 24/7 to track every move they make and calorie they consume on a minute-by-minute basis.

One of the biggest areas where smartphones have changed habits is banking. More people do their banking on public transport on their way to work, rather than visiting bank branches.

RACQ Bank, for example, now has a banking on the go with mobile banking apps for all smartphones. RACQ Bank also features a Digital Wallet which turns member’s phones or smart watches into the payment platform. Forget having to pull out your card every time, just tap your device using contactless technology.

The future of banking is here – you can everything from everyday banking, to ordering foreign currency, engaging with support staff and more, all via a swipe of your smartphone. Dick Tracy really would be envious.

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