Before Christmas runs away with you…

Tips for a great Christmas without the nasty after effects.

Spend time; not money

In addition to the spiritual aspects, Christmas is a great time to be with the people you care about most. Spending time together is one of the most heartfelt gifts available.

Whilst gift-giving has become part of our culture, Christmas shouldn’t be a time for spending beyond your means. Give what you can afford and no more.

A game of backyard cricket, a few laughs, great conversation, a walk through the local park, or gathering to watch the Boxing Day Test are all things that will be fondly remembered long after the latest must-have gadget or toy has been consigned to scrap heap. 

Spend less money; spend more time.

Easy on the food

If you have ever collapsed into a food-coma after a heavy Christmas lunch you’ll need no further explanation here. 

Why is it that we give ourselves licence to over-indulge at Christmas time? Perhaps it is that feeling of cutting loose or concern about being perceived as a generous host.

Either way, too much of a good thing often comes with regret (and perhaps a New Year’s resolution to drop a few kilos). So, before you sit down to any meal over the Christmas break resolve to take it easy. Your waistline and your wallet will thank you.

Practice gratitude and generosity

Aussies have much to feel fortunate about and Christmas is a great time to take a moment and be grateful for what we have. It’s also an opportunity to think about those who are doing it tough, both here at home and overseas.

If you have a favourite charity, send a few dollars their way and encourage the young people in your life to do the same. If you have time over the holidays, find an opportunity to volunteer, there are plenty of amazing community organisations that would love to have your help for a few hours.

This Christmas let’s connect a little more through meaning, rather than money and the things it can buy. Have a wonderful time over Christmas; relax and enjoy the season. Above all be safe, particularly if you are travelling on our roads.

Sloan Wilkins, General Manager, RACQ Financial Planning.

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